What can be airbrushed?
Pretty much anything that can be painted can be airbrushed.

Can I supply my own images or design?
You surely can, or we can design one for you, your imagination is the limit!!!

How long does it take?
This can vary depending on what you are having done.  One example would be a fully airbrushed bonnet, would take about 5-6 working days, once the design has been approved.

What does the finished surface look like?
All airbrushing will have to be clear coated for added protection.  Clear coating can take 2-3 days.


How long will my decals last?
You are looking at approx. 5-7yrs, depending on how weathered the sign gets. 

Can I bring my logo on disk?
Yes, we accept the following file types – tiff, ai, eps, pdf, cdr:v13
You can also email them (if file is not too large)

Can you make a sign from a digital photograph?
You sure can!  We can design an attractive sign using your photos.  The better the quality of the photo, the better the image on the sign.

Can my sign be delivered or installed?
Yes, we can deliver and install.  (The price for installation can vary a lot)

Do I need  a permit?
Depending on the size, location and local council regulations (as each local council has it's own regulations), you may need a permit.  This will be up to you to get.


How large can you print?
Our in-house printer will print a maximum width of 1600mm.  As for the length, it’s entirely up to you.  We can also join together the width to make huge siganage.

How long will my print image last?
There a few factors for this.  Outdoor signs will last for approx. 3-4yrs. Indoor signs will last for almost double.  If the sign is exposed to direct sunlight, rain or pollution (road) it may last less.  It just depends on how weathered the sign gets.